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Engleski jezik
Welcome to the first grammar school web site. We hope you will find the information you require; if there is more you would like to find out, please contact us.
English is taught by six full-time specialists at our school. All pupils learn English as a first or second foreign language. Our pupils are regularly successful in local and national competitions.
On this site you will find useful links to other web sites, some general information on contests, the school calender, achievements, and much more. We hope you will enjoy and have fun.
Your English teachers: Branka Prpi, Višnja Tavas, Jasna Šoši, Radmila Završki, Daniela Dorak, Ivana Štiglec.

 Popis udzbenika 2016-2017-GIMNAZIJE- NJEMACKI I ENGLESKI JEZIK.xls (1).xlsx

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